10 Years Minus the Machine Album Review

10 yearsRate : 5/5

10 years Review

10 years release today their sixth studio album Minus the Machine through their own label, Palehorse Records. On first listen, the musical jewels come from indie artists  and Minus the Machine is the perfect example. Delivering from their chains, 10 Years bring on the table a well-crafted album infinitely more enjoyable for anyone who love music.

10 years lead single Backslash was wholly indicative of what you can expect. It is a far cry from the commercial rock and definitely unique. They made exactly the music they wanted and it is clearly perceptible.  Triumphant rebirth would be the best word to describe the album. Lyrically, it is always well written. Musically, Minus the Machine is a meld of alternative and heavy rock sounds alongside soft songs. The rhythm section just kicks ass from start to end,  specially drums , offering a powerful and harmonious backdrop to Jesse ‘s vocals. The best moments I love about drum playing are in Backslash and Sleeper. Knives is the heaviest of the album. They have also experimented with different sounds. I recommend you Soma and Writing On The Walls. My favorite songs are without hesitation, Soma and Forever Fields which features one of the beautiful melodic piano line I ever heard.

All in all, Minus the Machine is a true reflection of their musical personalities and opens a new chapter of their history. 10 Years offers here the best of themselves. Through a fresh and original collection of additive melodies , both heavy and soft, Minus the Machine is one of best 2012 albums.

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