50 Ways to Survive Game Review (Update)

50 Ways to Survice50 Ways to Survive is a platform adventure game for your iOS Devices. It  is based on the song 50 Ways   To Say Goodbye by Train.

Train donate proceeds from sales of “50 Ways to Survive” to support Family House, a non-profit organization proving temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital. The game is launched with 36 levels over three chapters. It also have in-app purchases to buy crowns which can be used to purchase power-ups.

Save Pat’s girlfriend from Grimmy’s clutches,his minions and bosses through each chapter.

The first version was unstable. It was frustrating because the concept is exciting. This update finally fixed the problem. You can now enjoy the game in its entirety. The swipe gesture controls have been replaced by on-screen button.  The character movements  are very fluid including the jump feature. They also look much more realistic. The gaming performance is excellent. Many other improvements have been brought. If you’ve died, you can resume where you left off. Buy “Unlock a level” to enjoy the next chapter  even if you haven’t ended the previous. Lions haven been tamed etc.. So, the promise is now living up to your expectations. The game is fun and extremely addictive.

All in All, the game by itself is challenging , fun and addictive. The game will keep entertained for hours. Highly Recommended. A must-have for this summer.

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