Affinity Photo Beta is available !

Affinity Photo Beta is available !

Here you go. After Affinity Designer, here is Affinity Photo for Mac. The free public beta is now available to download here !.

Like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo is built for creative professionals. It’s a fresh new tool for photographers and raster artists with an awesome level of performance. It’s unashamedly pro even as a beta version, supporting end-to-end CMYK, LAB colour, 16-bits per channel editing, ICC colour profiling, and fantastic Adobe® Photoshop® PSD and 64-bit plug-in support right from the start.

If you are already user of Affinity Designer, there will be one file format across all Affinity apps.

To achieve this with the Affinity Photo beta, you will need to be using the latest beta version of Affinity Designer (available on our forum). It installs alongside the Mac App Store release or as a standalone 10-day trial.