Angry Birds Space Review

Angry Birds are back in town in a new great gameplay in the acclaimed franchise, based on zero gravity. It can be your enemy or your friend. Use it to your advantage because the gravitational field affects laser trajectory which is visible to help you.

The plot is as follows : throw the birds with a slingshot through gravity  fields of asteroids and planets to shoot green pigs who stole golden eggs. Flush out them and destroy them. They are floating or are hidden in inaccessible places.

The new version is awesome. It brings new space birds with brand new unique superpowers and new challenges in an infinite and gorgeous galaxy . Among the newcomers characters, Ice bird has the power to freeze enemies solid. The Green Angry Bird is like a boomerang. Purple Laser Bird has a laser targeting.

Play within an amazing background .

Follow the guide to use the new birds. If you stuck on a level, buy in-app new Space Eagles. Discover hidden bonus levels.

The game is the most popular mobile game. With this new version, it still has a bright future ahead it. It is always very addictive and thanks to 60 interstellar levels split between two galatic worlds, Pig Bang and Cold Cuts, you’re gonna have a good time. It promises long hours to have fun. Don’t forget to experiment, Danger Zone when you are ready (for expert players).

Angry Birds Space Game is available for iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) , Android devices, PC (Chrome) and Mac OS.

Rate : 5/5 – Highly recommended