Arrow Lone Gunman Recap and Review

arrowArrow is definitely the new hit series for the CW that has picked up a complete season after only two episodes have aired. The third segment Lone Gunman confirms that this decision is largely deserved. The episode introduces a new DC Comics villain, Deadshot (guest star Michael Rowe), who kills James Holder at the beginning of the story but Oliver doesn’t appreciate this help. What’s interesting about this part is the fact that Arrow is not invincible. One poisoned bullet from Deadshot hits him. Fortunately, Oliver has some herbal remedy. The two characters seem to pursue the same plans. Both have a target list with names tattooed on their body. It may be ambiguous but their plans are clearly different in this episode.

Under a fake identity,as a member of Bratva, he asks Alexi  Leonov for help finding Deadshot . This part is a little bit surprising because the russian didn’t recognize him even if he is a well-known personality.  Another thing that this episode has shown us is that he can’t be a solitary hero. Realizing he can’t protect his family and stop Deadshot who plans to kill businessmen at an auction, Oliver asks Detective Lance to help him. His scenes with the supervillain are short explosive parts and at the end of the episode, Deadshot dies. During this mortal exchange, a poison bullet hits Oliver’s bodyguard John Diggle (David Ramsey). He saves his life with his herbal remedy. Diggle discovers Oliver as Arrow.

That said, the episode has just a great amount of action that never fails alongside some scenes showing the family scenes between Moira and her daughter. Meanwhile,  Laurel still has feelings for Oliver even if she isn’t ready to forgive him. Poor Tommy hoped in vain .It also introduces other characters as Felicity Smoak , a sort of computer expert who comes back in the fourth episode. There are also flashbacks revealing the beginning of Oliver‘ journey with an asian man to become Arrow.

In the preview of the next episode An innocent man, John Diggle doesn’t react very well first. Is Oliver a criminel or a vigilante ?  His target list is discovered by his mother ? Oliver (as Arrow) also enlists Laurel’s help to prove Peter Declan ‘ s innocence (guest star Lane Edwards). If the fourth episode continues down this path and if you haven’t seen it yet, you miss something.

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