The Adventures of Augusta Wind Issue 1 Review

augusta wind

The Adventures of Augusta Wind is an all-new five issue fantasy series available now via IDW Publishing. Written by J.M. DeMatteis, the adventures are illustrated by artist Vassillis Gogtzilas.

The series tells the story of Augusta Webster who has strange dreams or maybe memories of another world . Her worried parents send her to a therapist.  A strange creature named M. Snabbit grabs her attention. In his office, the man turns into a horrifying creature called an Omniphant. Dreams or forgotten memories ? Augusta may not be who she thought to be.

The book one presents main characters who are odd creatures that are very well-drawn. The debut issue starts as a tale with Once Upon a Time but is set at the beginning in a real world .

The story is intriguing and if you  still have a child’ s soul, it will work. The artwork is a great example of beautiful art which perfectly fits to fantasy universe. The storytelling is fascinating and takes you easily on a journey that gives free rein to your imagination.

The Adventures of  Augusta Wind is a fantasy series for all ages even if it looks like a children’s book. Upcoming adventures should be fantastic.


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