Augustana Life Imitating Life Album Review

Augustana Life Imitating Life Album Review

Augustana releases this week its new 5th studio album Life Imitating Life produced by John O’ Mahoney (Metric, Sara Bareilles).

Daniel Layus dealt with a lot of tough moments these last years. In despite of that, you might expect a dark album but it is the opposite. Augustana delivers positive messages through heartfelt lyrics along beautiful melodies.  It is a look back on his past life,  both wise and mature (“Youth Is Wasted on the Young”) and about what he is currently. Life imitating Life also addresses  the circle of the life and leads you to ask yourself questions about your own life. A lot of various emotions run through the album. People will feel immediately connected with the entire set of songs.

It is a compelling record that has the sincerity and the honesty that miss sometimes on the music scene. Augustana took the lyrics on another level  that makes you want to hear his story. Life imitating Life is not simply a collection of songs, it is an intimate journey poetic and poignant with an accompanying music real and authentic  at the same time. While,the music embraces the trademarks of previous Augustana’s records with piano chords, it remains fresh and efficient. Highlights on Life imitating Life include Fit Together with its orchestral side. Alive is an emotional love song about feeling “alive” with the person you love. Need A Little Sunshine is an upbeat pop rock tune. Love In The Air reminds you the greatest soul hit songs with subtle gospel choirs.  It also features cool guitar solo. It is very catchy. The track deserves airplay. Remember  me gives you chills because you feel the very meaning of lyrics. It sounds like a touching goodbye both haunting and lovely. Say You Want me will be without a doubt one of fan favourite tracks. The song is a beautiful blend of acoustic guitar, percussive beats and magnificent vocals.

In conclusion, Augustana delivers its best work to date. Life imitating life displays the vocal range of Dan Layus, both very impressive and emotional. The record celebrates the love, the life. It is an excellent listen , honest and sincere at the same time. It is rare nowadays.

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New album ‘Life Imitating Life’ 

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Augustana Life Imitating Life Album Review
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  1. Chris Nolan

    I’m going to purchase it this morning, looking forward to hearing the new songs!