Autodesk SketchBook Ink Review

Rate : 4/5

Autodesk SketchBook Ink has recently hit app store. It is a basic pen and ink app that lets users to draw with your fingers or your pen. The app provides a fluid sketching experience developed for iPad 3 (recommended). The responsiveness is also something you gonna appreciate if you enjoy drawing with your fingers or  a pen. Use the Bamboo Stylus (Wacom) for the iPad that perfectly suits. Pen strokes render is fast.

The user interface is minimalist , intuitive and appealing (based on SketchBook Pro). Its simplicity makes it easy to understand and use for beginners. It allows you to focus on your art. Unlike others mobile painting and drawing apps, it is limited to a single layer or a background layer imported from the photo library or your camera. For more experienced users, the absence of layer feature may miss but for newcomers, it is relatively sufficient for a first drawing/painting experience.

SketchBook Ink comes with 7 seven ink pens and two variable-width eraser tools as well as a color palette at your right side. Touch and drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the pen size. To access more colors, tap  the color icon at the top right of the screen. Another interesting feature is that you can also zoom in to bring out finest details to your art.

Tap the first left icon at the bottom to see your saved pictures in the gallery in which, you can open your art, make a copy or delete it.

Once you completed your drawing, another thing you ‘ll like about SketchBook Ink is that you export high resolution images without jaggies, directly to your photo library, itunes, Dropbox or e-mail them.

In conclusion, Autodesk SketchBook Ink looks very promising for those of you who love like myself the ink pens to draw or paint. Express your artistic side without overwhelming at first, by a bunch of tools. The beginners will appreciate the simplicity and efficiency. If you are a professional artist, you appreciate its speed to create your masterpieces and the ability to get results without losing quality for printing industry. Take a look . It is a worthy app.

The Autodesk SketchBook Ink App is currently available on a promotional price of just $1.99.