Bastille ‘Wild World’ Album Review

Bastille released today their second album Wild World (Virgin Records). Follow-up to 2013’s Bad Blood, the band takes the listener on a journey through human condition, politics (The Currents), the relationships we all forge, fight over and sometimes forget and love. Songs such as Warmth is about losing your identity in a relationship and sense of self, while the song Snakes is about keeping contact with the exterior world.

Wild World is unpredictable, vivid, striking and exciting. The band finds the right balance between darkness, weirdness and the upbeat sounds. Bastille pushed themselves further in new directions. The songs shine , switching between electro-pop, dance, soul, blues in a perfect fusion of colours and aesthetic content. The album is less about radio-friendly songs and more about atmospheres, styles,  and textures.  It sounds familiar with songs such as, the first single Good Grief, Fake it or Lethargy but the things are as disparate as possible. The album is like a mixtape. It features more guitars, different quotes from 70s/80s sci-fi films  and documentaries and embraces an amalgam of styles. The anthem Good Grief opens with the citation “So what would you little maniacs like to do first” from the 1980’s cult film Weird Science. Two Evils is a dark, bluesy guitar ballad focusing on vocals. It is a magnificent anthem. Fake It is a great R&B synth pop tune, both dark and bittersweet . On other aspects, the album is also a bit more experimental with the rhythmic patterns and the hip-hop production.  They also throw some orchestral elements such as strings (Glory) and horns heavy instrumentation (Send Them Off). The Currents features a gritty electronic heavy bassline and strings.

All in all, Wild World is a musically adventurous record, both well-accomplished, heavy and up-tempo. They push their boundaries and manage to create a successful sophomore album.

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Bastille 'Wild World' Album Review
9.5Overall Score
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