Beth Ditto ‘Fake Sugar’ Album Review

Beth Ditto released her debut solo LP Fake Sugar via Virgin Records. It was produced by Jennifer Decilveo. Her album is a photograph of herself, capable of reinvention artistically without forgetting her southern roots and her influences. This new adventure is noteworthy at any levels. It is a storm that blows you away . Beth Ditto takes the listener on an exquisite journey. The music speaks for itself. It gets stuck in your head. All songs are catchy. The music is infectious and danceable with an exciting treat on genres and styles.

The album is a stellar combination of pop electro, rock disco,soul, honky tonk in an unique way. It is pretty phenomenal. Expecting the unexpected. You will not disappointed. Beth digs deeper into herself and the venture is living up to your expectations. It feels so inspired, free to interpret lyrically. Fake Sugar captures live energy, contagious and addictive.

Great hooks channel through the album , starting with the opening track Fire, Fake Sugar, the fun song Oo La La among others. Oh My Good has a strong hook on its own. It is a killer radio-friendly , potential hit single. In and Out is a delicious brew of vintage funky sounds. Fake Sugar has a danceable groove. The composition is simple but effective. Savoir Faire is a disco rock anthem while Oo La La gets you in the right mood. Go Baby Go blends electro and rock with Beth Ditto brilliant vocals. Love is Real Life is an atmospheric song while Lover is drum roll driving. Do You Want Me To is a dark electro-pop anthem. Clouds (Song for John) ends on an intimate note. It is just beautiful.

All in all, with Fake Sugar, you get a perfect representation of Beth Ditto right now, true to herself, creative and fun. The album delivers refreshing sounds on repeat ,for a long time. It is arguably one of best 2017 albums. A radiant offer not to miss. Beth Ditto is the fire. Highly recommended if you are a music lover.

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Beth Ditto 'Fake Sugar' Album Review
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