Updated : Blink-182 Video After Midnight on Vevo/Behind The Scenes Video

** Update ** 

Pop Punk Rockers Blink-182 unveiled today, January 6, their official video for After Midnight follow-up to lead single Up All Night from their 6th inspirational studio album Neighborhoods out on September 27, 2011 through DGC Records.

The video was directed by Isaac Reetz (Cage The Elephant, Motion City Soundtrack and Up All Night for the band).

According to Mark Hoppus, “the concept of the video is troubled love found in a psych ward”.

Stay tuned for an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at the making of the video premiering on January 13 on AOL Music.

Watch the behind the scenes below

It is really beautifully shot. For this sublime love song featuring a haunting melody (that will become without a doubt a classic), the scenario is great.

“It’s that idea of one person trying to help another person to live life,” explained director Issac Rentz. “It’s almost like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in that they have this one night to have a great time together.”

The video shows the trio playing in a hangar. Meanwhile, the story is about a guy and a girl trapped inside of an insane asylum for young people. Together, they are going to spend an unforgettable night of romance exploring various places in the asylum.. They try to escape …

Watch Photos here and video below or here.

Additionally, be sure to grab their album if you haven’t yet. It is a real musical gem. Take a listen. It is an excellent blend of pop modern punk rock sounds with memorable melodies such as After Midnight that is my favorite, Up All Night and Mh 4.18.2011. It is crazy, upbeat, fresh and renews pop punk rock.  It was the remarkable and triumphant comeback for 2011.