Blue October ‘Home’ Album Review

Blue October released their 8th studio album Home. The album celebrates the beauty of life, reminding the listener of small things offered sometimes forgotten or ignored. Home is a cinematic work relatable to anyone ,introspective, motivating and encouraging reflection with heartfelt lyrics. The songs flow smoothly effortless , and make this journey of life work, drawing the inspiration from Justin’s own experiences in a variety of music styles both cohesive and evocative.

The opening track Coal Makes Diamonds sets the tone. It is a spacey desert rock featuring cool rock riffs and compelling piano lines. Heart Go Bang, is about opening yourself up to the process of change, who you are and become a better person. It is extremely catchy. A powerful anthem wandering into new wave territories while I Want It is another alternative rock anthem that will resonate to listeners. The title track seems like a thankful message with some depth that catches you immediately. It paints this picture of “Home is where the heart is”. It features a haunting melody paired with driving hook and some of very personal and touching lyrics throughout the album. The following track, We Know Where you Go,speaks for itself. It engages people to find the light in the darkness. The Lucky One features his young daughter whispering I wish I could be a star. It is an upbeat alternative rock song encouraging the listener to ask for support during the somber of moments of life. Break Ground oscillates between hope and darkness. Built on a bass line, Leave it in the Dressing Room (Shake It Up) showcases an edgier side . While the intense track, Houston Heights ventures into heavy territory with a hint of vintage psychedelic groove, Time Changes Everything is a space rock song , both gritty and full of hope. The instrumental track The Still sounds like the final line of  reflective journey of life, making you think about it.

All in all, Home is an album for anyone who needs a little hope in their lives, suggesting them to ask for help when they go through tough moments of life. It is a winning combination of heartfelt and passionate vocals, inspiring lyrics that speak for themselves and a haunting music that make you feel instantly connected. Highly recommended.

Blue October Home :


Blue October 'Home' Album Review
9.5Overall Score
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