Boy Loves Girl Brings Lots of Love to the AppStore!


Forget hanging the mistletoe, Grubby Hands Limited are proud to present their new game: ‘Boy Loves Girl’. It’s the greatest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game of love and is available to buy in the AppStore now! Following the explosive and chart-topping success of ‘David Haye’s Knockout’, one-man studio Grubby Hands’ brand new game, ‘Boy Loves Girl’, is set to be a hit this Christmas!

Grab your copy – iPad – iPhone/iPod Touch

This game is relatively easy to play. You have to drag the moon up and down to avoid various clouds and collect various presents such as smiles, stars and many more. A bunch of challenge awaits you. It is pretty addictive and it will soon become a hit.

The design fits well with the type of game. Colors reflects wonderfully well the spirit. For Christmas, there is nothing better than a game such as Boy loves girl to spread love. Perfect for everyone. Here you go. Pick it up and spread the word. It definitely deserves a 5-star rating. Loved it. – Sylvie (

Boy Loves Girl’ follows a young boy’s journey as he encounters one of life’s greatest mysteries . . . how to please a woman. Unhappy with the myth that a woman is never happy, Boy embarks on an epic adventure across vast lands in search for the ultimate gift to express his love for the girl he adores.

In the chivalrous journey of unrequited love, Boy must brave the evil elements, voyage across foreign lands, gather adorable animals, collect stars in the sky, save smiles and even carry the moon on a string, to win the heart of the hard to please girl!

“‘Boy Loves Girl’ is a beautiful game that I’m sure most men will identify with and many women will adore,” laughs Pearce. “There’s an art to pleasing women which has not only inspired the making of ‘Boy Loves Girl’ but is demanded in the game play too!”

In this pretty platform game, explore seven wonderful worlds, master more than 50 lovely levels, complete over 100 charming challenges, secure stacks of secret bonuses and collect millions of smiles.

Boy’s love is in your hands, let the ‘Boy Loves Girl’ journey begin…

For just 99¢/69 p, it’s the best stocking filler this Christmas!

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