Camille Peruto ‘From The Sea To The Sky’ Album Review


Camille Peruto has crafted a gorgeous fuse of pop, rock, folk music, both organic and authentic. It is a fluid entity  but with enough variety to keep your interest. From the Sea to the Sky is an album that speaks for itself. Its strenght lies in the honesty of lyrics , relatable and full of vivid imagery.

It is a strong engaging collection of songs that grabs you instantly and not let go. Peruto shares with us the path of life, through the struggles, healing and hope. It is a journey to self-acceptance, both inspiring and moving.

Her voice has impressive carrying power and emotion to communicate all the meaningful of lyrics. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes delicate, her crystalline vocals are  the perfect combination of natural beauty  and depth. Her melodies are vulnerable. You let yourself invade by the ethereal atmospheres.

Can’t Get Away and Silent Melody stand out to become potential hit singles. Crooked Roads is a striking opening track that sets the tone. It is upbeat and crunchy with an edgy side. The song is an irresistible invitation to follow her in her journey.  Biscuit Moon is acoustic-driven with a fine balance of percussions and delicate vocals. Let Go a beautiful hopeful track backed by a light and striking sound. Sword is a punchy song featuring, haunting vocals and catchy melody. The High Road is another highlight on the album. It has a stripped-down approach with just harmonious vocals and acoustic guitars. Crazy Crazy Mad contains some edgy guitar work while the acoustic track, Set up a Sail fills your mind with reflective thoughts and beautiful imagery. Row Ghost is evocative. The final track Lagoon invites us to let go of the past and accept our mistakes to move forward.

All in all,  From the Sea to the Sky caught your interest at first listen. Camille Peruto‘s second album is a safe place, dreamy, hopeful with layered harmonies, lyrics with substance , a world of mesmeric melodies both haunting  and beautiful. It encompasses differing genres of music ranging from folk, rock, and pop with a unique style.

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Camille Peruto 'From The Sea To The Sky' Album Review
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