Charlotte OC Debuts Video for ‘Medicine Man’ on Vevo

Left to Right : Charlotte OC , Tiler PECK

Charlotte OC premiered today her video for Medicine Man on Vevo. The song is taken from her debut album Careless People out on Harvest Records.

The video features a powerful performance by Tiler Peck, the prima ballerina and principal at New York City Ballet (NYCB). The soul-baring performance was shot in a single take by cinematographer Mark Wolf, who followed Peckaround the dance floor with a handheld camera.

The moving confluence of pop music and classical ballet in the new video marks the genesis of a partnership between Allen‘s Vulcan Productions and Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Steven Cantor that features classically trained ballet dancers performing to pop music.  Cantor’s credits include Dancer, Devil’s Playground, What Remains and ESPN 30 – for 30 Chasing Tyson.  The video is intended to help make the art of ballet more accessible to new audiences.  Allen, a long-standing supporter of the arts, has a special interest in making the classical arts, including ballet, meaningful and relevant to younger audiences.

“It was a dream to bring together these renowned talents and unite the power of their art forms,” said Vulcan Productions General Manager and Creative Director Carole Tomko. “Combining Christopher’s amazing choreography, Tiler’s stunning performance, and Steven’s masterful directing elevated the power of the song to a whole new level.  It also showed the range and beauty of classical ballet in our changing cultural landscape. With this ‘Pointe to Pop’ video, we hope to showcase the enduring relevance of classical ballet – and transform how audiences experience it.”

“The song and video are about that feeling of powerlessness you sometimes feel when you fall completely in love with someone, says Charlotte OC.   “The idea that you are almost surrendering yourself to a feeling, or a power that is greater than you and how that kind of love (although terrifying at times), can make you a better person and want to achieve great things.  Tiler captures this perfectly through her performance which is a true extension of the song and it was a fantastic experience collaborating with her.”


Said Peck, “The stars aligned when Charlotte and I were introduced; this was a dream collaboration for me. Charlotte’s soul is evident in her songs and that is exactly what I hope people see when I dance; my soul, uninhibited.”

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