Chasing the Dead Horror mini-series Issue 1 Review

chasing the deadChasing the Dead is a new 4-issue horror mini-series out in stores, written by Matthew Scott and Tim Westland.

Based on the novel of Joe Schreiber, it features artwork and cover art by artist Dietrich Smith.

Chasing the Dead  follows the story of Sue and her daughter Lily who was kidnapped by a stranger. He doesn’t want  her money but make her suffer. He threatens her to kill Lily if she doesn’t follow his instructions. Sue is engaging in an ultimate race against the clock , both intriguing, eerie and captivating in Winter. In fact, the stranger knows her past and her secret.

Chasing the Dead first issue is a thrilling supernatural thriller, blending elements of suspense and horror.

It ‘s well written. The plot isn’t too simple as it seems. The story seems promising. Additionally, Dietrich Smith does an excellent job. The interior artwork carries the storyline beautifully with a main character , quite expressive and emotionally real.



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