Chevelle Hats Off to The Bull Album Review

release today their 6th studio album Hats Off To The Bull  follow-up to Sci-Fi Crimes.

Produced by Joe Barresi (Tool and Queens Of the Stone Age), this is a successful return to their heavy roots as well as a cohesive and varied alternative hard rock record. This is driven by a solid bass line and a terrific guitar playing complemented by a great drum beat and vocals as we love.

From the opening hit radio-friendly single Face To The Floor to the ending acoustic track Indifferent, they maintain both a strong intensity and a fierce dynamism that don’t weaken.

They deliver appealing melodies throughout the album. The catchy riffs stick in your head all day in Back To The Floor or Same Old Trip. A lot of tracks can sound very similar but if you listen attentively, it is subtly different.

Pete Loeffler‘s guitar playing and singing are remarkable without a doubt. They also explore new sounds that turn into great pieces of music such as “Envy” and “The Meddler” that stand out. Highly recommended. Envy is my favorite. It features cellos, outstanding heavy guitar parts and an excellent drum beat that reminds me a little bit of  “The Drums of the Bronx”. It is pretty original. The orchestral arrangements are stunning.

If you love acoustic songs, Prima Donna, a blend of middle Eastern music sounds, as Indifferent will do your bliss.

In conclusion, Hats Off to Chevelle for this awesome album. You will not be disappointed. What I love about them, is this unique sound that makes them different from other bands. They don’t follow the current mainstream music and it is a good thing. For fans and music lovers.


  1. Face To The Floor
  2. Same Old Trip
  3. Ruse
  4. The Meddler
  5. Pinata
  6. Envy
  7. Hats Off to the Bull
  8. Arise
  9. Revenge
  10. Prima Donna
  11. Clones