Chevelle La Gárgola Album Review

ChevelleChevelle release today their 7th studio album La Gárgola via Epic Records. Produced by Joe Barressi, it is the follow-up to their 2011’s effort, Hats of Bull. They experimented a lot and the result is beyond your expectations. It is obvious from the opening track Ouija Board and its percussive elements.

You never know what to expect with Chevelle and this new record  is no exception to the rule. La Gárgola  is different from their previous works. It is darker, heavier ,intricate and intense at the same time. They maintain this extreme intensity from the unique opening track Ouija Board to end in an exquisite flavor. Driven by aggressive heavy guitar tones and drum playing, the songs are explosive and captivate instantly. They are built upon an eerie sound, constantly infectious. The rhythm section is hypnotic. The vocals are passionate and captivating. It is inviting and never fails.

Aptly named, with its spooky intros and masterful intense atmospherics, La Gárgola could serve as the soundtrack for any sci-fi horror movies. The visual pictures come to you. Imaginary is pretty strong. They easily project listeners into their journey whatever among the zombies of The Damned or the devilish creatures of Hunter Eats Hunter.

The record also questions serious themes like the state of oceans on the sonic One Ocean featuring haunting guitar work and broody bassline. The lead single Take out The Gunman deals with the issues of guns and mass shootings as well as the way media write about that. You can even relate to these songs such as an island. Jawbreaker has a heavy industrial sound to it. It is also organic on the haunting closer track Twinge.

All in all, Darkness is beautiful on La Gárgola. Inspired by horror films and its aesthetics, it’s one of the most unique albums you have ever heard. It is constantly surprising. The listener becomes the character of their compelling stories. The songs are driven by heavy drum and aggressive guitar work along fluent hooks and masterful intelligent lyrics that never fail. La Gárgola is inspiring and memorable. A masterpiece to grab immediately.

Grab your copy on iTunes.