Cold New Video American Dream Review

Cold New Video American Dream Review

Cold premiered this week , the video for the second single American Dream from their fifth album Superfiction out via Eleven Seven Music (read the review here). Grab your copy on iTunes and Amazon.

The video fits with the lyrics very well and its interpretation It depicts the American Dream and its disillusionment through a young woman. Cold is singing her story in a field. She comes back to her parent’s house after living this American Dream. Nothing seems to have changed. Her mother is happy to see her again. Her brother is indifferent … His father is still close to the God… She puts a good face. She kisses her mother but the expression in her face tell us her deception …

When I listen to the song, the lyrics strike me this type of images. We see perfectly the connection between the theme and the words. Escape from ordinary life to live the American Dream ?  Who has never dreamed of doing that ?

Well, I find Cold  to be one of most underrated rock bands. It is a shame to miss their music. I always enjoy listening to Superfiction as I need inspiration. It is my favorite album of 2011 without a doubt. Then , why are they largely ignored by mainstream radio,MTV , VH1 and co? .. Great mystery..

Continue to spread the word … and help them. They really deserve it..

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