Cold Superfiction Review

ColdCold are back with their fifth album Superfiction. It is a brilliant and successful blend of alternative rock and post-grunge. It tells fictional stories which are both poignant and dark. Comic artwork accompanies the lyrics in the digital booket.

They created something that will inspire music lovers as the creative. It is the type of album you listen to imagine. Close your eyes. just sit, let your mind wander.

It is a little musical gem which contains very beautiful melodies. Cold delivers textured sounds both fine and subtle, see elegant. All is well arranged. Vocals will make your day.

Superfiction also features memorable hooks as in The Balled Of the Nameless, Dream On or Emily. Finally, you could always find something to love in every tracks.

All songs are amazing but some of them really stand out more such as The Ballad Of the NamelessThe Crossroads and Emily that I  see as second single. It is both a killer mid-tempo track and a lovely song that gives me chills. Cold should hit  the top of the charts with this masterpiece. I highly recommend.

American Dream could be a third single, why not ?

Wicked world was definitely an excellent choice for a lead single. When you wake up in the morning humming this song, you know you have to check out this band. They have a little something extra extremely fabulous. Believe me. The rest of the album is as intense, inventive and forceful. What Happens Now is inspired by SpiderMan. It is pretty cool.

In conclusion, Superfiction is a new beginning for Cold. It is clearly a triumphant return. This album should appeal to new listeners and fans.Musically and lyrically, it is perfect. If you do not know them, now you know them. Highly recommended.

Rate : 10/10

Superfiction - Cold

  1. Wicked World
  2. What Happens Now
  3. American Dream
  4. The Break
  5. Welcome 2 My World
  6. Emily
  7. The Crossroads
  8. Delivering the Saint
  9. So Long June
  10. The Park
  11. Flight Of The Superstar
  12. The Ballad Of the Nameless
  13. Dream On
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