Corel Cinco for Painter now available on the App Store

Corel Cinco

Corel Cinco for Painter is a companion app available for free for a limited time worldwide on the app store. First, don’t forget to download Painter 12.2 (Windows ou Mac Version).

The app lets users control Painter 12 ‘s desktop with an iPadĀ and keep them focused on their art and maintain their creative flow. Work faster by quickly accessing your favorite and most used tools with the tap of a finger.

Completely customizable, Corel Cinco can be calibrated to the best hand position where each finger represents a different tool, brush, media or command of the user’s choice.

Features are as follows :

  • Fits any Hand: Using either the left or right hand, the Cinco interface can be adjusted to the most comfortable hand and finger placement
  • Integrates into Workflow: Seamlessly works alongside pen tablets while tapping commands on the iPad, so users can keep their eyes on their work
  • Maps Customizable Buttons: Set up Cinco to work with multiple palettes, tools and commands including adding layers, pulling up the color wheel or undoing brushstrokes
  • Securely Connects: Through a Wi-Fi connection, pair the desktop and iPad using an authentication code

“Artists want to spend as much time as they can focusing on their work and not on searching for brushes, buttons or obscure hot keys,” said Andy Church, Senior Product Manager for Corel Painter. “What’s exciting about Corel Cinco is its unique handiness. It aims to keep the focus on the art and maintain the creative flow. You no longer need to take your eyes off the art to make selections or changes to Painter.”

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