Corel Painter 12 now available in stores

Corel Painter 12Newest Release Expands Creative Options for Today’s Artists with New Real Brushes, Unique Progressive Art Tools, Customizable Workspaces and Faster Performance on Both Mac® and Windows®


Great News !! Corel Painter 12 is now available in stores. New features for more realism in your illustrations. Ideal to illustrate your interactive ebooks ,specially for children books. For artists, it is an indispensable tool. Digital Fantasy, Matte Painting , drawing, sketching, mix media , your Zombies, Skulls, with Corel Painter are a real pleasure. Do not hesitate. The result is excellent. Easy to learn for beginners. Thanks to Corel Painter, I found the feel of traditional medias. The power of their brushes is impressive. It is exciting to see that your ideas on the paper, quickly, taking shape with a growing realism.

I already have my copy. YOU, DO IT NOW here – Watch the Demo Gallery here.

I test it during the next days and write you the review and tutorials. I am currently working on a children book..and many more with the software.. Stay tuned on and its section Here is the full press release to discover this little gem below. Sylvie Lesas – Evigshed Publisher

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Ottawa, ON – May 11, 2011 – Corel ® Painter™ 12, the newest version of the world’s most powerful art studio, is available starting today. Combining the industry’s most advanced and realistic digital painting and illustration tools, unprecedented speed, and a new, highly customizable interface, Corel Painter 12 gives artists and photographers power and creative freedom beyond anything previously possible with either traditional or digital art tools.

Celebrating 20 years of digital art breakthroughs, the newest release of Corel Painter represents a powerful partnership between Corel and the Painter community. With new real brushes, unique progressive art tools, customizable workspaces and faster performance on both Mac® and Windows®, Corel Painter 12 opens up new creative pathways and possibilities, unmatched by any other product in its category. With the introduction of Real Watercolor, Real Wet Oil, Mirror Painting and the mesmerizing Kaleidoscope tool, Corel Painter 12 continues to set the standard for a truly organic and expressive digital art experience.

Changing What’s Possible in Art – Key News Facts:

• Available today for both Mac® and Windows®, the new Corel Painter 12 offers impressive performance with increased brush speeds 3 to 5 times faster, on both platforms.

• Whether you’re creating from a blank canvas or applying painterly effects to your favourite photographs, Corel Painter 12 extends its reputation for unmatched Natural-Media® painting, adding powerful new brushes including Real Watercolour and Real Wet Oil. These unique brushes recreate the liquidity and viscosity of flowing and blending paint, water or solvent and textures with a new and astounding level of realism.

• Further enhancing artistic freedom, Corel Painter 12 offers new progressive art tools for creating amazing designs that simply aren’t possible with real-world media. New Kaleidoscope or Mandala Painting enables artists to transform brushstrokes into a balanced spectrum of colourful shapes or blends from 3 to 12 planes. New Mirror Painting lets artists quickly create automatic symmetry by mirroring the plane vertically and horizontally. Mirror placement can also be moved or rotated to achieve stunning and distinctive looks.

• Offering a redesigned and highly customizable user interface (UI), Corel Painter 12 fits seamlessly into a creative workflow to make users more productive than ever. The new Navigator Panel, updated panel and palette behaviour, custom workflow workspaces, enhanced preservation of colors and layers, and common keyboard shortcuts make Corel Painter 12 the perfect complement to any professional’s toolbox, especially when working with Photoshop.

• For a full list of new features and enhancements in Corel Painter 12, please visit

Related Quotes

“Our Painter community has always been the driving force behind our development priorities,” said Andy Church, Product Manager for Corel Painter.  “Our goal is to consistently provide our artists with powerful tools that enable them to expand and express their creative visions and to achieve the most stunning and realistic results possible. Our artists provide the inspiration and Painter provides the power, freedom, and control unmatched in any other creative environment.”

“Painter 12 provides me a level of artistic realism that brings my subjects and concepts to life and makes my work stand apart” claims Mike Thompson, illustrator and urban artist. “My professional career is dependent on Painter’s brushes, realism and inherent time-savings it delivers.” To browse Mike Thompson’s galleries

“The redesigned interface is streamlined and more efficient to use. If you like to paint, then Painter is the application for you” said Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, fine artist, author and educator. “Real Watercolor brushes allow me to paint realistic, natural watercolor brushstrokes, washes and textures like never before.” To learn more about Cher Threinen-Pendarvis ’ work visit

Corel Painter 12 is available now for Windows and Mac in English in markets worldwide. North American pricing is $429 (US and CDN) for the full version and $229 for (US and CDN) for upgrade customers. Commercial and education volume licenses are also available.

For a full list of everything that’s new in Corel Painter 12 and to download a free fully-functional trial version, please visit

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