Corel Painter 12 Review

Corel Painter 12

Corel Painter 12 is a must-have. The company moved it onto a new level. It is available for Mac OS X and Windows. For a full list of new features and enhancements, read here.

Grab it -> on Corel Store.

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Rate : 4/5

Pros : Nice new features

Cons : For Mac Users, apply the following tips :

Change Preferences (Corel/Preferences/Performances) and

1. Uncheck the following options

  • Align constrained brushstrokes to canvas (General)
  • View Options : Smooth objects when zooming and Increase screen drawing speed when zoomed out (Performance)

2. In Interface section

Reduce Memory usage : 39 % and Undo Levels : 5

3. Do not work with files 1600 x 900 pixels

4. For brush category, choose category Display>Categories as List.

5. Use the new Wacom Tablets. The Intuos A4 seem to be problematic.

6. Use Painter 11 brushes

Many things that delight creatives from amateur  to professional. It is an interesting and exciting upgrade that you must immediately pick up. Painter is the best digital art software for a long time. This new version will show you that its reputation is amply deserved. For those of you who are fellow traditional media artists and novices who aren’t yet familiar with this soft, you don’t find it difficult. Your ideas come to life with an impressive ease specially in this new version. The brushes are both more realistic and their customization is very intuitive.

I use now Corel Painter since its version 5.

New features and small improvements are stunning. Read below and if you aren’t convinced…

Workspace improvements

The interface is totally redesigned and highly customizable. It appeals to you immediately. You get quick access to tools and palettes.  The Tools panel is now a single-column. The  brushes variants are now showing on the top left of screen. It is both a good thing and more convenient than ever. The Layers palette is resizable, something I dreamed for a long time. There are new palettes as the Navigator window which enables easily to pan and zoom your artwork.

Adobe Photoshop and Painter

The compatibility with Adobe Photoshop has been enhanced and preserve colors and layers.

New Brushes

Each new version always comes with a wide number of brushes and media andPainter 12 is no exception to the rule.

The new brushes, Real Wet OilReal BristleGel variantsDigital Airbrushes, real WaterColor and many more, bring all what you need for your masterpieces. It is pleasant to use with a tablet which is now inexpensive. To get better results, I recommend you to grab yours.

Gel Brushes

Gel Brushes

They perfectly emulate the traditional medias. Each brush variant has now its own Brush Calibration panel. You also have more controls with new palettes to customize them.

New Media Control Panels

Painter 12 comes with new Media Control Panels that enable you to customize your Patterns, gradients, Nozzles, Looks and Weaves.

Mirror Painting

This new feature enables artists to create automatic symmetry. I did not think that it was possible. I was speechless and it is particularly useful for me.

Corel Painter XII

Mirror Painting – Cloning Source – Real Watercolor

Cloning source Palette

The Cloning source palette is new to Painter and useful for photomontages. No more headaches.

Kaleidoscope Painting

This mode creates stunning beautiful designs with little effort in minimal time. See yourself.

Corel Painter XII


In conclusion, Corel Painter 12 is a little gem for everyone. It is a great software and without a doubt, my favorite. The new version is well worth the cost. It is also a great way to create everything from your mind. It is easy to use and a bit simpler than before. It produces better realistic results and it is more efficient. For current users or earlier versions,novices and artists (illustrators, painters, etc.).