Corel Painter Creative Hair Tutorial Secrets Revealed

Corel PainterWant to create original hair for your character composition with Corel Painter. This tutorial reveals all the secrets to get an outstanding outcome  within everybody’s reach. If you need some ideas, here you go.

Step 1

Open a photo (File>Open). Select it (Select>All) and go to Select>Float. The photo has been added on its own layer above the background layer.

Step 2

Turn it into a sketch image (Effects>Surface Control>Sketch). Change  settings.

Step 3

Make a new layer via the New Layer command (Layers menu). Pick up Pens>Real Fine Point Pen into Pens Category . Next, Select black color in Colors Palette. In Jitter Palette (Window>Brush Control Panels>Jitter ), Select Expression>Pressure. Reduce the pen size  and draw your hair. Be creative.

Step 4

Pick up Nervous Pen. In the Jitter Palette, increase Jitter value. Choose Expression>Pressure. Next, duplicate the layer (Layers>Duplicate Layer) two times.

Step 5

Open the initial Photo. Apply the Posterize filter (Effects>Tonal Control>Posterize) and save it under another name.

Step 6

Open the posterizing photo and paste it into your composition. Add a layer Mask (Layers>Create Layer Mask) to hide or reveal parts of the face using the Digital Airbrush variant (Airbrushes category).  Change its blending mode into Shadow Map in Layers Palette.

Info : Pick up black or white color to hide or reveal parts of the face.

Step 7

Add a copy of the initial photo and change its blending mode into color.

Step 8 (Optional)
Add a watercolor background. First , grab the Fractal Wash Wet variant from Real Brushes Category. Increase your brush size into Control Palette located below the menu  bar. Repeat the step multiple times while changing colors.