Corel Slingshot iPhone/iPod Touch application Review

Corel Slingshot

Corel Software recently released 4 new mobile applications

  • Slingshot & Postcard for iPhone ,
  • QuickSort for Mac/Windows
  • Beep Beep for iPad (see review)
If this summer, you annoy yourself, take a look on these app. Today, see what Corel Slingshot offers us. It is a free automatic photo sharing app for iPhone/iPod Touch via Facebook. It is quick and easy way to share them with your friends and family. Take a photo ! Few settings and here you go ! Share !  It is cool ! No ?

Corel's Slingshot - Corel Corporation

Step 1
Sign in with your Facebook account : enter your user name and password
Step 2
Tap the settings icon . Turn on Small image size option. Slingshot will auto resize your photos. In Sharing section, define if you want,  a group of people with whom you are going to share them. and don’t forget to rate and like the application on Facebook.
Step 3
Capture your subject with the camera of your iPod/iPhone.
Step 4
Add a caption. Next, add other people with whom you want to share your photos. Then, choose the album in which you are going to share them or create a new album.
Step 5
Share. That’s all.
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Rate : 5/5