Crossfade We All Bleed Album Review


We All Bleed - Crossfade

Alternative rock band Crossfade recently release their third album We All Bleed and the first with Eleven Seven Music.

The album showcases a damn musical evolution more original and totally different from their previous records. This new journey can be confusing for the hardcore fans but it is ‘non-mainstream’.  All music must be like this, unique and authentic. and this is the most important thing. Never follow the trend. They  put their soul into this album, creating something stunning and finally one of best alternative rock records for this year. Musically, it is a successful blend of mid-tempo, heavy sounds beside ballads.

This is great mixture of irresistible and creative riffs, great rhythm and textured sounds with creative keyboard lines and of course, convincing vocals.

We All Bleed is a work of genius – both accessible and creative from beginning to end. It will blow you mind specially if you are music lover.  The words are well written and the melodies perfectly fit with the lyrics (as in Suffocate).

It deals with dark themes but leaves us on a positive note, go ahead.. Eddie managed to convey much emotion into all songs but well.. who can doubt him ? If you love powerful guitar solos, you are spoiled. I recommend you Lay Me Down. Also listen to Dear cocaine.

It is pretty hard to pick a favorite song in this album because all tracks are interesting and noteworthy to listen to. Keyboards add something extra to We All Bleed and Prove You wrong (one of memorable moments on the record).

Crossfade grabs the listener with many infectious hooks and passionate vocals specially in We All Bleed, my first favorite, a mix of alternative rock and grunge. Open up Your Eyes would be  an excellent follow-up to excellent Killing Me Inside..  Dead Memories is probably the heaviest song on the album.

In conclusion, We All Bleed is a must have for all music lovers. It is a new beginning for them and I hope they are going to continue to create something creative. Spread the word.

Rate : 10/10

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  1. Dead Memories
  2. Killing Me Inside
  3. Prove You Wrong
  4. Lay Me Down
  5. Dear Cocaine
  6. Suffocate
  7. I think You Should Know
  8. We All Bleed
  9. Open Up Your Eyes
  10. Make Me A Believer