Darren Hayes premieres Music Video for Stupid Mistake

Darren Hayes released the music video for the fourth single Stupid Mistake from his excellent album Secret Codes & Battleships. The video is filmed in black and white. It is both very artistic and creative. It is also intriguing and classy in its simplicity.

A well-made video, beautifully shot specially the scenes with Darren in black who is very sexy.

The video depicts two sides of an artist, portrayed by Darren in black and white. He is torn between the image he wants to give to his audience and the wounds he hides behind the mask of Joker. ¬†The artist shows his superhuman efforts to look good, symbolized by Darren, with his mask and the process to remove it. The joker can also symbolize the idea of going completely crazy as the fear when your relationship ends. I love the abstract side. I don’t know the concept behind the video but there is no doubt that the video is awesome.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to catch him somewhere near you in September. Grab your tickets here.

Darren wrote a note about the song and more on his facebook (Source)

“It’s a very complicated song because it addresses the issue of a betrayal and of a loss of innocence. It’s angry and it’s bitter in places.” Those who have seen Hayes’ recent tour (or those intending to catch ‘The Secret’s Out’ tour) see first hand how the character in the video was developed. It’s a transformation that occurs right in front of the audience, and in the case of the music video – right in front of the mirror.

Still, Hayes wants the audience to draw their own conclusion from the song and its meaning.
“If you could express everything in words there’d be no need for me to make songs or create art. Although I have no intention of spelling it all out I do think it’s interesting that what you see is the end result 15 years in the spotlight. Everything I am and all that I’ve learned for good or for bad is in this video”.

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One Response

  1. Mandy

    Another amazing masterpeace from genious Darren Hayes, just love this guy!!