David J to Debut Video of Spears’ Toxic feat. Sasha Grey on Yahoo Music April 15th

“When I had the idea of featuring a hot as Hell predatory super villainess in the video, I really did not have to think twice about who to cast!”    -David J

On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, David J‘s latest solo album An Eclipse of Ships will be available for digital download as well as CD & vinyl pre-order exclusively through www.davidjofficial.com.  Fans purchasing the album will receive a bonus track, the David J cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic. The world video premiere of David J‘s Toxic simultaneously debuts on Yahoo Music April 15.

The Toxic video features Sasha Grey, notorious actress and model whose controversial career makes the perfect backdrop for this Toxic film concept.  Adding to the dangerous liaison mood of the video, David J enlists the “sinfully soulful sound” of Adrian H and the Wounds, an alternative group from Portland, OR who’s music “evokes impassioned stories of tragic love, lost faith and twisted taboos.”

Elaborating as to why he created the broody version of the Spear’s classic David J recounts, “I heard the original ‘Toxic‘ by Britney Spears being played in a supermarket and it made a connection with a situation that I was involved in at the time.  I decided then and there to cover it.  The song plays out as a kind of shadow side to my album, ‘An Eclipse of Ships‘ which is for the most part a positive celebration of women.”

Also, be sure to click here for David J‘s upcoming  North American tour dates beginning April 17th in NYC.

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