Three Days Grace Human Album Review

Three Days Grace Human Album ReviewThree Days Grace Human Album Review

Three Days Grace release tomorrow (March 31) their fifth studio album Human helmed by producer Gavin Brown. If,  technically it is the follow-up to Transit of Venus , musically, their latest effort seems to be the logical successor to their 2003’s self-titled album (also produced by G. Brown).

The band opens another chapter of their career with their new vocalist Matt Walst who fills the mission very well. In many ways, you feel changes on HumanThree Days Grace found a new energy that is palpable on the whole album as well as a certain freedom for everyone to express themselves through songs. Human reflects the last few years of  their lives. It feels organic and personal (like Painkiller). There is also a lot of darkness on the album.

Musically, the band’s sound takes listeners back to their early days.  Human blends together the best of their works, while creating new dynamics that are fresh, interesting and familiar at the same time. The songs have a really dark and heavy vibe with a lot of soaring melodies and a wide variety of textures. They crafted rich haunting sonic atmospheres that draw you instantly.

TDG  experiments and incorporates new musical tones that bring an extra colour to the songs.  Sometimes, it is subtle like the acoustic guitar work on Tell me Why. It is also a slight electronic part,a crunchy guitar solo and a sparse guitar line, in Human Race that sounds atmospheric. Car Crash, which has the potential to be a huge hit single, features a flawless guitar work . Not simply the voice, the music compliments the dark feel of the track very well. Nothing’s Fair In Love And War starts off with an electronic rock intro. The song has an enjoyable bass line and a crunchy guitar solo. One Too Many is another highlight with strong delivery vocal. It is very infectious. The following track The End Is Not The Answer contains some nice drum parts. The Real You incorporates a lovely piano line paired with compelling guitar riffs.

All in all,Three Days Grace put out a great album, both captivating  and very enjoyable. The music is an excellent backdrop for dark lyrics. A new singer in an established band like Three Days Grace is not obvious specially when the former frontman had a strong personality. It changes everything. Curiously, here, it works perfectly. Anyway, it reminds that a group consists of several members.

“Human Race” available on the new album “Human”.
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Three Days Grace Human Album Review
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