Deftones ‘Gore’ Album Review

Deftones released today their 8th studio album Gore via Warner Bros. Records. Produced by Matt Hyde and Deftones, it features a guest appearance from Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell on Phantom Bride.

Gore is a highly accomplished album, aesthetically vivid and inspired. It is  a piece of art in itself that marks the minds instantly. Rare nowadays. The result is superb. There is a strong sense of how to paint an evocative imaginary of lyrics at crossroads between experimental and heavy  soundscapes, quite textured without skimping on hooks and killer melodies.  A winning combination that works perfectly.

The songs hold together as fusional organic creations while staying unique and opened. Switching between aggression, soothing moments, endlessly dynamic, the album delivers a contagious energy,  moving over a range of soundscapes, between chaotic breakdown and robust artsy gems, melodic and colorful. The guitar crackles powerful sounds, in considerably more atmospheric landscapes than ever, both hazy , moody and beautiful. The riffs are cleverly placed and attractive. They back perfectly the stories told  by Chino.  Doomed User electrifies our ears , striking catchy guitar riffs alongside compelling vocals. It is one of stellar guitar works on the album. Magical moment of blissful guitar assault on Pittura InfamanteHearts/Wires shines , blending darkness, guitar work that blows your mind, cinematic killer soundscape. It is intriguing, unusual and haunting. Deftones takes us on a pure place of paradise through the entire piece with other stand out tracks such as Rubicon, and Geometric headdress in which thrash and melodic thunderous atmospheres roll into one.

All in all, Gore is easily one of their best works. The album sees the band explore a new approach to their music while pushing the boundaries of their creativity. They go out of their comfort zone to elaborate a fine piece of art, dynamic and sublime.
Deftones 'Gore' Album Review
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