Disturbed Immortalized Album Review

Disturbed Immortalized Album Review
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Disturbed Immortalized Album ReviewDisturbed Immortalized Album Review

Disturbed release their highly anticipated 6th studio album Immortalized on August 21 via Reprise Records. It was helmed by producer Kevin Churko (FFDP, Papa Roach, Rob Zombie, In this Moment…).

Like the phoenix, they rebirth and have the sacred fire again. After a four year hiatus, Disturbed return with a sound much more immense. They rise stronger than ever, fierce as a lion, with style, better than before. The Vengeful One was a warning. Disturbed reach a whole other level of creativity and originality in an eclectic offering. It is different and unexpected beyond your expectations. The music speaks for itself. Mike Wengren’s heavy hitting drums leveled by Dan Donegan’s flawless guitar skills take control. Both vigorous and varied, the rhythm section serves a set of powerful lyrics. David Draiman does rarely stay in the same range on the vocals throughout the songs. He leaves his comfort zone and delivers a mix of styles to tell stories that will resonate with you.  His vulnerability shines through The Sound of Silence. His singing is very nuanced, deep and roaring.

They complement each other well in a new and natural way. They leave, enough space open to allow the other to shine. Perfect harmony together in tone, texture and aesthetic. Each song is better than the previous. They perpetuate their great sense of groove. That ’s evident on every song. Each is a huge potential single especially The Light, What Are you Waiting for ?, Open your Eyes.
The album is hook-filled wrapped around positive (The Light), heartbreaking (Save Our Last GoodBye), family inspired (Who Taught You How To Hate), dark lyrics (The Vengeful One) among others.

Immortalized features a multitude of textures, rhythms, tempo and a variety in dynamics. Comparing to their discography, it does not seem to be too cohesive anymore. It makes wonder how their hiatus has been a good thing (even if you have no desire to admit it).
The bluesy instrumental The Eye Of The Storm creates an atmosphere of curiosity that grips you from the beginning of the album. Disturbed put more than a new take on their trademark. Often psyched by their way to turning their musical identity into something more grandiose and totally different. Never Wrong is a striking example. Tracks like Immortalized, and What Are you Waiting for, are fierce, life power anthems. Best tunes if you’re feeling down. The music carries out admirably the spirit of lyrics. Open Your Eyes reveal how much they have gained in uniqueness in their sound. They expand their musical horizons. It’ s got a killer thunderous drum attack accented by riffs to die for. All the sections enter in symbiosis to create an intoxicating tune. The light is another instant anthem. The hook is unforgettable. Kind of song that makes you feel better. You remember about Device (Draiman’s side project)? The album showcased an evolution that Disturbed might have taken. It was a huge missed opportunity but fixed today with You’re Mine.

Save Our Last Goodbye brings to mind various emotions. Despite being sad, it is the most beautiful song ever written,  by Disturbed. The sadness of this track contrasts with the lightness of Fire it Up. Everyone is free to appreciate the topic or not, but the vocals are backed by a superb sizzling rhythm section. This one cooks up a real hurricane through the album. Their cover of Simon and Garfunkel ’s classic song The Sound of Silence is unexpected. The incorporation of orchestral parts gives the song a new dimension. A real attractive cover not too far from the original, but superbly arranged. Inspired by his son, Who Taught you How to Hate, is a storm of truth. It ’s well written.

4 years but it is worth the wait. Disturbed unleashed with Immortalized the gates of a new era in the alt-metal community. They shaped the genre into something truly reinvigorated. A stream of passion, a storm that carries you where you wish.

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