Dracula Pilot The Blood is The Life Review


Dracula series tv premiered last night on NBC.

Jonathan Rhys Myers plays the title character. The actor is a judicious and great choice. After his unforgettable performance in the Tudors, he is as we expect from him both remarkable, intriguing and hypnotic. His natural charisma shines through the pilot and undeniably brings to his role a burning intensity  and something unique. No need to say more. He also has around him a promising cast including Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), Nonso Anozie (Game of Thrones), Katie McGrath (Merlin) and many more.

So, Dracula makes an impressive return to life ,thanks to Doctor Van Helsing  (Thomas Kretschmann) who kills a man to feed him with blood, in an epic scene, in 1881 in Romania. We learn later his goal. Then, he arrives in London in 1896 as an American industrialist named Alexander Grayson and a vampire the night.  He wants to bring modern electric technologies to Victorian High Society but also comes with a revenge on the Order of the Dragon that killed his wife. He is assisted by his manservant Renfield (Nonso Anozie). Doctor Van Helsing is his ally as well.

During the opening ballroom , Grayson impresses his guests, illuminating light bulbs. Some of them like Sir Clive aren’t happy with this new form of energy that will destroy petroleum energy controlled by the Order of the Dragon. We find this character, quickly killed by , we don’t see his face but we guess that he is Dracula. Furthermore, this one used to wander in the streets of London in search of fresh meat…

The ballroom also introduces several characters including the actress Victoria Smurfit as Lady Jane (a vampire hunter for the Order of the Dragon), the reincarnation of Dracula’s dead wife with a medical student, Mina Murray, his boyfriend and reporter Jonathan Harker who gets an interview with Alexander Grayson.

The pilot is dark. It also sets several fascinating plots, promising for the rest of the episodes. There are great fight scenes such as the fight between Dracula and Kruger and a sexy moment  between Lady Jane and Alexander Grayson at the opera.

All in all, created by Cole Haddon, the series is a stylish and sexy new take on Bram Stoker’s classic Novel Dracula in a modern and sophisticated way. It ‘s a flawless and scary blend of suspense, horror, terror, and gore. Jonathan Rhys-Meyer made his character, scary and sexyDracula  has all the ingredients to become a NBC’s second  fall hit tv series.

If you missed the premiere, watch it at this location.

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