Ed Prosek Flesh and Blood Part 1 EP Review

Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek recently released Flesh and Blood Part 1 EP. Compared to The Riverbed (EP), Prosek challenges himself. He embarks on a new direction and continues to refine his ideas. Inspired in part by post-apocalyptic 2009 film, Tear It All Down has a dark atmosphere. Full of fiery, the song is deeply resonant, emotionally effective brimming with heavy guitar work, rhythmic groove and intensity. It is a warm sound that balances bouncing musical aggression with a feeling of desperation. The Mountain embraces a 1980s vibe along sparkling synths, delivering a message more positive.The title track Flesh & Blood creates a spacious peaceful atmosphere.

All in all, Ed Prosek went for another sound, heavier, raw edged and richly warm. . He managed to convey his message. You easily immerse yourself in his world.

Buy link: https://edprosek.lnk.to/FleshBloodEPPR


Ed Prosek Flesh and Blood Part 1 EP Review
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