Ed Sheeran ‘Divide’ Album Review

Ed Sheeran released his third studio album Divide via Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. It sounds absolutely nothing like his previous works. Particularly memorable, the release showcases a strong sense of aesthetics and a more mature sound ,all while retaining the style that made Ed successful in the first place.. It feels familiar but unique at the same time. It is uncompromised.

The result is an impressive and uncommon melodic compositions, both coherent and diverse in moods. Divide is a fine reflection of where he is and is heading. With this album Ed goes a step further . He invited us along for the ride , revealing his musical growth and more of himself. His art is unscathed beyond your expectations.

This is an rich eclectic array of genres that take us into another places delicately textured, by the emotional honesty of his lyrics. It is also an invigorating musical journey between beautiful, quiet and bombastic soundscapes filled with hooks that blow us away with this once originality that, only belongs to him.

With this variety of both dynamics ,dexterous arrangements and orchestration, the album is definitely a must have. Sheeran has also experimented with sounds from his travels around the world including Ghana with the twi song Bibia Be Ye Ye. Between magnificence and emotion, Ed shines through the songs, allowing fans to connect with his music on many levels. While Supermarket Flowers, which is one of most beautiful songs ever written, is a tribute to Sheeran’s grandmother. Perfect is a delightful love song the singer penned to his girlfriend which will resonate in the heart of any couple. Ed also brings his spin to Irish traditional music for Nancy Mulligan and Galway girl  ( tribute to his grandparents). The two songs feature Northern Ireland band Beoga.

All in all, Ed Sheeran ‘ s new album Divide covers an entirely different spectrum of himself. It will feature without a doubt on the list of best 2017 selling. It is also a dynamic and well thoughtful record, showing originality and eclecticism with high quality lyrics. Rare nowadays.

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Ed Sheeran 'Divide' Album Review
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