Eve to Adam School’s Out Single Review

Hard rockers Eve to Adam released today their new single, a cover of Alive Cooper‘s song School’s Out. Don’t hesitate. Grab it  on iTunes. Listen to it here. The track was recorded during a two day break, while on tour with Creed, at Vudu studios in Long Island. The new single has been climbing the charts since hitting radio last week and was played by Alice himself on his syndicated radio show Nights with Alice Cooper.

First, it is an excellent choice and a kickass cover. These boys do the original song justice. They perfectly managed to infuse new life to a legendary track. It really deserves a shout-out. They give it a new catchy vibe, both engaging and captivating. They bring real rock N Roll back.

School’s out features on Alice Cooper ‘s fifth album of the same name out in 1972.

Anyway, don’t forget to check out their second album Banquet for a Starving Dog, loaded with full potential hit singles. Their music reminds me a little bit of Van Halen. It is quite stunning upon first listen. They have a bright future ahead them. Spread the word.

Hope to hear  it on the airwaves soon.. I would like a lot. Summer is going to be hot.