Five Finger Death Punch American Capitalist Review

Five Finger Death PunchFive Finger Death Punch
have released today their third studio album American Capitalist, follow-up to 2009′ s War Is The Answer. It is an excellent melodic heavy metal record well-produced full of honesty and reality : be strong, have a fighting spirit in a society  that is a real jungle…

There is nothing ordinary on this album. You are both surprised and delighted.  5FDP offers us a high level of energy with an incomparable sound that combine a high speed melodious assault driven by Ivan ‘s catchy vocals , twin guitars led by Jason and Zoltan and their thrash original crunchy riffs as well as superb solos joined by Jeremy’s varying drum beats and insane double bass.

Hard to pick up a favorite because all songs are epic and remarkable because of their strong and ingenious creativity. Acoustic guitar in the intro, midtempo part and at the end of track Coming Down takes their music to another level. They put a very varied set of creative and infectious riffs (If I Fall, Menace or Wicked Ways) doubled by an explosive double-bass (American Capitalist) and different drum beats as well as terrific and vibrant solos guitars (The Pride or Coming Down). Music lovers and fans will be satisfied. Ivan’s vocals and lyrics are impressive. I like the cool singing in The Pride. Total harmony between vocals and music. The successful and single Under And Over it brought a new freshness on radio and gave the atmosphere for the rest of the album. I like the funky bass intro played afterwards by the twin guitars in Generation Dead.

Besides aggressive and brutal metal sounds, there are ballads , real musical beauties as Remember Everything and The Tragic Truth who will give  you chills. Remember Everything features awesome orchestral arrangements and strong mid-tempo riffs.

The Tragic Truth contains a superb acoustic guitar. The harmonized solos and riffs are pure delight. Their playing is magnificent.

In conclusion, American Capitalist is highly recommended for music lovers and definitely , fans.  5FDP makes metal accessible to everyone. It is just the beginning. They have a bright future ahead them thanks of an authentic fresh and exciting music. Ivan Moody (vocals), guitarists (Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory), bass player (Chris Kael) and Jeremy Spencer (drums) are a great heavy metal combination.. Spread the word. Grab American Capitalist and catch them somewhere near you. They kick off the Welt Tour with All That Remains, HateBreed and Rains on October 16. See -> here for dates.

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