Garbage ‘Strange Little Birds’ Album Review

Garbage released their sixth studio album Strange Little Birds through the band’s own label Stunvolume Records. The follow-up to 2012’s Not your Kind of People, is neither more , nor less than a piece of art. It is a honest record and without a doubt, the most personal set of songs to date (especially Amends for Shirley).

Beautifully epic, the album carved out a certain mythic dimension to this immersive imaginary, that takes a dark dive into the relationships. It is a fine and masterly portraiture of joys and sorrows. The record wastes no time. The bombastic opening track Sometimes, sets the tone and throws the listener right into the universe of the album.

While keeping their signature sound intact which is present on the lead single Empty, they have incorporated new wrinkles with an effortless grandeur, creating a vivid mixture of 90′ loops, programming and spare moments (Night Drive Loneliness, Even Through Our Love Is Doomed or Amends). The band has a great ability to convey this evocative narrative through eerily engaging cinematic atmospherics combined with a haunting spectral entity of electronic sounds. They do a great job capturing the dark feeling of Night Drive Loneliness artfully and sonically with the rain in the intro combined with soulful haunting vocals. You could probably imagining what happens on screen as the song plays, such as the deep solitude of this character. The band also deals with the fragility of human rights on So We Can Feel Alive. Blending electrifying atmospheric electronics with gritty elements of alternative progressive rock groove with an alchemist’s skill, the song really strikes you. Teaching Little Fingers To Plays explores the idea that when we get older, we always have new things to learn about the world.

All in all, Strange Little birds is unquestionably one of the greatest albums of 2016 so far. Really a masterwork, sprawling across a transcendent assortment of sounds that is at once austere and captivating to bring a unique experience to the listener. The album is available for purchase both physically HERE and digitally HERE

Garbage 'Strange Little Birds' Album Review
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