Garfield Comic Boom Review

Comic Strip

Garfield Comic Boom is the latest software in Toon Boom  Animation ‘s Family. It allows children to make comic strips ,comic books from scratch. You don’t need to be a great artist because there are templates to help you if you miss imagination. You can also record your own sounds so that your masterpieces come to life. Once over, share them through YouTube, Facebook, iPod or e-mail.

For this new program, they worked with Garfield Creator Jim Davis. He offers cartooning advices to beginners. It is fun to use. It features an user-friendly Interface easy to understand. Garfield features drawing tools, library with many templates such as ‘bubbles,’ , ‘characters’, ‘backgrounds and more. Use separate layers (background, sketching , ink,ink and colour) for your drawings.

The cool thing about this software is that making comic strips really becomes child’s play.

It is a pretty complete software package. Recommended for young artists but also if you are a beginner cartoonist yourself or if you seek an easy way to start your cartoons. It will also help you to develop and maximize your creative potential.

Grab your copy -> hereGarfield

Rate : 4/5 – run on WindowsMac OS Snow Leopard/Lion

Here is what you can do with Garfield Comic Boom. Let’s get started right now and create a comic strip. Go.

Step 1

Open your software. Name your project and click the Create button. Next, use the commands from the main menu or the icons. Personally, I recommend to use icons. It is faster. Click the Full Screen Icon (1) because it is better to draw. Then, turn on the Toggle Auto Light Table button (2) (It works like a light box to draw. You can see all drawings step by step) and activate the Background Layer (3) and import your image.

Step 2

Turn on the Sketch Layer (4). Choose the Brush tool (5) and the Blue color (6). Click and drag the slider to select a size (7). Zoom in (8) on the canvas if you want. Click and drag your brush on your white surface. No need to be perfect. Now, click the Show/Hide Garfield icon (9) to hide the Sketch Layer.

Step 3

Activate the Ink Layer (10). Pick up the black Color and the Brush tool. Draw your subject. Select your artwork with the Select Tool (11). Copy them (click the Oddie Icon) and paste them on the Ink and Colour Layer (12).

Step 4

Grab the default colors or click the Edit Colour button (13) and select a color. Fill the different parts of your image with the Paint Tool (14).  Also add shadows if you want. If need be to place a color behind another, select it and turn on Send to Back option. Add Text bubbles to your panels ; pick up the Bubbles template and use the Text Tool.

Step 5

Hide your Ink and Colour Layer and delete your image on the background layer. Select it and click the Delete Icon. Make sure that your background layer is active. Open the Library Templates icon and click on a background and drag it on your selected layer.

Repeat these steps for the others panels.

Step 6

Finally, save your project (Save Icon) and export your masterpiece (File> Export Snapshot). Choose your format layout and file extension. Give it a name and sign it. Then, click on the Green V Icon.

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