Gemini Syndrome ‘Memento Mori’ Album Review

Gemini Syndrome released their sophomore and concept album Memento Mori via Century Media’s imprint Another Century, the second in a trilogy including their debut record Lux. Produced by Kane Churko, Memento Mori  focuses on emotional challenges accompanying the scary transition from youth to adulthood, coming to grips with mortality in the chaotic world we live in. Nothing is certain, everything is possible. Appreciate your loved ones while you can, because when they are gone , it is too late to go back. The album is dominated by darkness but manages to add a little element of hope to it. The two singles Anonymous and Remember We Die were great choices of what you can expect for the album lyrically and musically.

Memento Mori is an epic rollercoaster of massive hooks with textured sounds and very melodic hard rock/alt metal songs intertwined into it. Their new approach displays that they evolved, maturing as a band. Stylistically cohesive but different, it sounds instantly as a movie soundtrack. They refine their sound even further, infusing a darker, more epic edge into their music. It explodes into up tempo songs filled with intensity , groovy riffing and brilliant vocal harmonies. The rhythm section serves the songs very well. Excellent melodic composition and phrasing at any level. It flows nicely together. The vocals are as powerful as the instrumentation. The production is superb. Everything fits smoothly. The performances are well crafted and composed as a whole.

Gemini Syndrome complement each other perfectly between subtle harmony and richer textures than ever. There is not a moment , on the album without a memorable melody and the same is true of guitars or vocals. The bass also has a role as prominent than the rest of rhythm section, providing a solid rhythmic support, and giving emphasis to the heavy riffs on songs such as Remember We Die, Zealot, Inception, Alive Inside or Brought to Light. The drumming is dynamic, working in tandem with guitar work on the anthem Brought to Light and On Point which is one of highlights on the album. The riffs and the drum playing capture the feeling of biting lyrics perfectly. While Inception features some top-notch harmonies and subtle guitar solo , the mid-tempo Say Goodnight and Awaken stand out with soaring melodies and crunchy guitars.

All in all, Memento Mori is definitely the soundtrack of our lives. It is a blend of images that come to our minds. With its cinematic interludes, the album weaves a cohesive journey , both inspiring and captivating. The lyrics speak to listener. Gemini Syndrome also managed this difficult transition between the debut and the sophomore album.

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Gemini Syndrome 'Memento Mori' Album Review
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