Green Day ¡UNO! Album Review

Rate : 5/5

Green Day new album ¡UNO! is out via Reprise Records. This release is the first of a trilogy tittled ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRE!

Every record has its own personality. ¡UNO!   is a frenetic pop punk rock album with many hooks. Follow-up to their grammy Award winning 21st century Breakdown, the trilogy has been produced by producer Rob Cavallo.

Green Day delivers here a stand-out collection of songs. ¡UNO! reminds you a classic Green Day with a modern twist. It is both fun, colorful and fiercely melodic. They also incorporated a bunch of new guitar tones both heavy (Carpe Diem) and crunchy that are one of highlights. On another note, their live guitarist Jason White collaborated on the rhythm parts with Billie Joe Armstrong who has also played festive and fierce guitar solos in a variety of pure 60s/70s rock N Roll on killer tunes such as Troublemaker or Kill the DJ.

This is a perfect record to have a successful party because ¡UNO!  is upbeat, loud, fast and driving-dance. There is no ballad but a slow song : the first single Oh LoveThere are many songs you can’t help but sing along all day such as the funky/dancing track Kill the DJ.The song is very original and never done by Green Day before. It is about people opinions when they listen to contemporary music. I highly recommend. Lyrically,  the album deals with personal topics. It often refers to Armstrong ‘ punk rock youth. Carpe Diem is about appreciating your time. Sweet 16 is a love song for her wife Adrienne. It is a look about their relationship. Rusty James is a bittersweet song about old punk scene, what they have become.

All in all, what makes this album a must is that it sounds like a live album in which musicians are jamming. It is a truly great approach that I love.  In my opinion, it is more authentic.  The 12 songs are extremely catchy and may become classics.. If you must pick up one and only album this week, I highly suggest ¡UNO!