Grizfolk “Troublemaker” Song Review

Grizfolk "Troublemaker" Song Review

Grizfolk “Troublemaker” Song Review

Grizfolk released their brand new song Troublemaker. The track is the first single from their debut album due out this fall via Virgin Records.

Fairly dark indie rock track, bass-heavy driven paired with electronic elements, it is somewhat generic and flat , on an  oversaturated  indie rock market. Grizfolk have lost the originality from their successful 2014 EP, From the Spark. There is a lack of texture to add another dimension to the song. Even with its stadium-friendly chorus , Troublemaker is quite forgettable. However it is solid to get airplay but to make the difference, it is another story . Hopefully that this song is not representative for the rest of the album .

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Grizfolk "Troublemaker" Song Review
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