Gwen Stefani ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Album Review

Gwen Stefani released her third solo album This is What the Truth Feels Like on Interscope Records. The set of songs is an honest introspection of what’s going on in her public/personal life including her divorce with Gavin Rossdale and her love story with Blake Shelton.

The songs are vulnerable and deep such as the lead single Used to Love You that will resonate to listeners. It is raw and organic. The lyrics are personal, mixing a wide range of emotions that people can relate to. It is musically familiar . There are many other potential hits alongside Used to Love You  for the mainstream like You’re My Favorite and Naughty.

The set of songs is a mix of 1980’s bombastic pop and hip hop sounds, present in her previous works. It also reminds you sometimes of No Doubt on songs such as Truth and Where Would I Be ?

All in all, This Is What The Truth Feels Like seems to be simply a form of art therapy for Gwen Stefani with no real risk-taking musically. Good but deja-vu.

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Gwen Stefani 'This Is What the Truth Feels Like' Album Review
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