Hollywood Undead American Tragedy Review

Hollywood Undead

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American Tragedy (Deluxe Edition) - Hollywood Undead
Rate : 8/10

Hollywood Undead released their second album American Tragedy follow-up to Swan Songs. It is a mixture between Linkin Park, Coolio and Eminem.. after we hate or we love. The record blends hip-hop, rap and electro sounds.

Musically, it is also a combination of good tunes. Five tracks (Bullets, ApologizeGangsta Sexy, Been to Hell, Coming Back Down), stand out. In the deluxe version, we have a great track such as Lump Your head. They managed to create something totally different from their previous work.

Lyrically, the songs are meaningful. All songs tell stories. It is an interesting part about this album. They have some sense of humor when it deals with suicide in Bullets. They are very narcissistic in Apologize..

We don´t apologize…
And that´s just the way it is
But we can harmonize…
Even if we sound like shit
Don´t try to criticize…
You bitches better plead the fifth
We´ve been idolized…
Role models for all the kids

after we appreciate or not. Decide for yourself.

On this album, This is by far one of the best track of this record, okay, it is my favorite Gangsta Sexy, extremely catchy and different. Rad and danceable beat and really rapping in this one. It also features singing and rapping more nuanced. It could become an upcoming hit for radio. They can pick up it without risking of seeing their listeners leaving on another radio station. In Glory, there are nice keyboard lines. It reminds me a little bit of Eminem on the beat (rap) and Linkin Park for singing part. Coming Back Down, the slowest track from the album,  is awesome.

On the Deluxe version, there is an interesting track Lump your Head with a jazz /rock vibe. It is very rhythmic and exciting.

In conclusion, American Tragedy is recommended for fans and hip-hop/rap/electro lovers. After, for others… see for yourself.