Hollywood Undead ‘V’ Album Review

Hollywood Undead released their 5 studio album V via their own label.

Independence gives wings. the album is the finest record you’ve never heard from them. V is like an audio living photograph of where they are now. Each song has its own energy and story. You get the perfect representation of them as a band right now.  They return full force, unpredictable and stunning. Five remains unclassifiable. Hollywood Undead effortlessly takes the listener on a wild eclectic blend of genres – rock, metal, hip-hop, electronic, urban, industrial. The set of lyrics are powerful , strong and relatable. The anthem Whatever it Takes easily resonates with listeners.

They share their world through an accurate vision while maintaining a heavy intensity. Street poetry and music in its purest essence. They dig deeper into life struggles and challenges as well as the world of night backed by a more aggressive sound. The soundscapes are dark moody filled with killer beats, gripping electronic layers. The record is ultimately a vibrant journey, cinematic and more cohesive than previously. They injected some roaring heavy metal sounds into the record adding trash and grooves in songs such as the opener California Dreaming, Bang Bang, RenegadeBad Moon about the world of night,  is very evocative. they perfectly capture the atmospheres driving this fascinating moment. R&B Ghost Beach is very cinematic and bittersweet. The mid-tempo Nobody’s Watching is epic. A personal favorite too.  The song is a empowering anthem about fighting for what’s right. Black Cadillac features rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill and Prophets of Rage. Electronic hip hop anthem Riot is another standout while We Own The Night is sort of statement about who they are. The album ends as strong as it began with the anthem rap-rock Your Life.

All in all, is a brilliant masterpiece. Not only it is their best work, it is one of best 2017 albums. The experience is organic. These guys have created their own musical universe and rock the world by their rules. Get their record now. Highly recommended.

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Hollywood Undead 'V' Album Review
10Overall Score
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