How to Export your Construct 2 game in Chrome Web Store

For those of you who used Construct 2, you noticed that the Chrome Web Store doesn’t accept legacy apps in its store anymore. So, the Chrome Web Store Export option needs updating. As Construct2 team doesn’t seem to be receptive to the problem and if like me, you hate to waste your time and money, here is a solution that will enable you to sell your app in the Chrome Web Store.

Step 1
Export your game (File>Export Project).
Step 2
Click Android icon and Next button. Let the default settings and click the Export button to to export it as an Android app.

Intel XDK
Step 3
Download the Intel XDK at this location. Install it on your computer. Once done, create an account and log in (email + password).
Step 4
Click Start a Blank Project button. Name it after your app and choose the directory where you want to put your project.
Step 5
Select Develop Tab.  Right-Click and choose (if you have a Mac) Show in Finder option. Select your files and drag them in www folder. Your game should appear in www subfolder.. If not, right-click and select Refresh File Tree.
Step 6

Intel XDK
Select Build Tab. Click the Chrome ‘Build‘ button. Don’t forget to upload your assets, icons etc.. Once done, click Build App. Your game will be available in a few minutes. Then, click Download. That’s all.
Step 7
Go to and click the Add item button… Upload your game and it works.