IAMX ‘Metanoia’ Album Review

IAMX 'Metanoia' Album Review

IAMX ‘Metanoia’ Album Review

IAMX returns with strength with this 6th album. Metanoia gives us an honest view  from an artist that managed to overcome his dark moments.

The album aptly named, which means to change one’s mind, a profound transformation or conversion, explores this complex machinery of human mind lost in its darkness that seeks out his road to salvation. It is a sort of therapeutic journey, an aesthetic portrayal that will resonate with any listener. The melodies are magnetic. The musical approach is different. The richness of simplicity in the creative brilliance.  There is undeniably power in this purity. Corner keeps the texture, simple but dynamic, at the crossroads between electronic and acoustic. It is a set of variations in which simplicity and depth create a haunting fusion of sounds. It all melds effortless. It is simultaneously soulful, groovy, raw, altogether evocative. It also has an upbeat swagger feel to it.

The vocals are emphasized, change in timbre (Aphrodisiac) or rhythm .Chris Corner reaches new levels in Say Hello Melancholia. Mood finely expressed. Top-notch vocal delivery. The tempo is magnificent.  Lyrics and music fit well together in a perfect way to deliver the rawness of lyrics inspired by Corner’s dark days, a couple years ago. Sexy on Aphrodisiac,piercing on Insomnia which is a strong song, direct in The Background Noise, gritty and strident in the instant anthem No Maker Made Me (about struggles with religion) … the journey is a labyrinth of emotions. The Background Noise is a right vision and perception of the human mind, torn between two worlds , the light and the darkness. Look Outside is serene – a perfect peace flows from its elegant music. Happiness and Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me deal with corruption and hypocrisy , recurrent themes in IAMX ’s universe. The album closes as strong as it starts, with the moody wildest wind. With its lovely melody , unforgettable piano lines, haunting atmospheric, Wildest Wind is simply sublime.

All in all, IAMX ’s Metanoia is a rare thing in the music industry. A cohesive art work in which the music speaks for itself. Metanoia is a dark and meditative journey, devastating and massive. Ethereal, and organic, the songs send the listener on a profound road of the human mind that goes from the darkness to the light. In one word, masterpiece.

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IAMX 'Metanoia' Album Review
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