Incubus ‘8’ Album Review

Incubus released their 8th studio album titled 8, their first full-length record since 2011’s If Not Now, When ? It was produced by Dave Sandy (Slayer, Helmet, Trouble) and Sony Moore aka Skrillex. 8 features the lead single Nimble Bastard.

The record feels more vibrant than previously with some breaches in their comfort zones. It ’s striking for its blend of vulnerability , darkness and honesty. They wave heavier elements in a cohesive , , precise and propulsive statement , both personal and political that people can relate to.  There is a perceptible  freshness  and a different approach to things, from the beginning with the opener No Fun that leaves  listeners needing more. Some of the catchiest riffs and melodies can be found on songs such No Fun, Nimble Bastard, among others. Captivating and atmospheric, the mid-tempo track, State Of The Art sees the band driving us in their well-known dreamy atmospheres. Loneliest goes along with its sultry and tense landscape that reminds you of their old core sound.

The interlude When I Became A Man seems to have come from nowhere and to be just a funny moment . The instrument track Make No Sound In The Digital Forest feels spontaneus and fits well with the rest of the album.

Lovingly crafted and beautifully written, Undefeated is a memorable track.  It should become a classic tune. Glitterbomb is another stand-out rock track.  The song is powerfully emotional , intense and  dark. Skrillex did a good job on the Californian rock tune, Familiar Faces as for the mixing of the whole album. The final track Throw Out The Map  ends the album with the same raw energy it began with.

All in all, Incubus found a new way to bring their sound forward. It incorporates a fusion of different rock styles with new dynamics and subtle light electronic flourishes along groovy melodies and lyrics , emotional charged and relatable. This is a record that shows a unified band playing with honesty and authenticity. It feels like it happened organically .  8 is without a doubt one of their best albums. You can love or hate. Anyway, this album deserves a listen.

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Incubus '8' Album Review
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