Jarrell Guitars Honors American Rock Musician Monte Pittman with the MPS “Monte Pittman Signature” Series

Jarrell Guitars today announced the release of its new Monte Pittman Signature Guitar – otherwise known as the MPS. With the release of his own signature guitar, the American recording artist now joins the ranks of other guitar impresarios such as Kirk Hammett, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck.

The exclusively designed guitar series, designed in collaboration with Pittman himself, will be sold in three different versions, including the MPS-1; MPS-f, enhanced with a Floyd Rose ; and MPS-Classic.

The new Jarrell MPS’s crystal clear and exceptionally versatile sound is complemented by its strikingly beautiful design. It is handcrafted out of mahogany and maple wood, and is featured in a sleek white pearl with a silver sparkle finish. Each guitar is accentuated with Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickups, gorgeous Abalone Colorful inlays along the fingerboard, and Swarovski crystal pointer control knobs.

“It’s a great honor to have my own signature guitar available to the public,” said Pittman. “The Jarrell MPS can handle any style of music out there. It can do everything all of your guitars can do and more.”

“I knew right away with Monte that he had the electricity of greatness,” said Phillip Jarrell, founder of Jarrell Guitars. “He is a true talent. He will always create a new way of melody. Great players are made of music, not fingers. Monte plays with song, and he refuses to repeat what others have done before him. He takes everything to the next step.”

The MPS Series will be unveiled at the 2012 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif., between Jan. 19 and 22, 2012. Pricing is still to be determined.

About Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman is an acclaimed American rock musician, guitarist and songwriter. He has released two top-selling albums, including his 2009 acoustic debut, “The Deepest Dark,” which peaked at No. 1 Best-Selling Acoustic Album and No. 9 Best-Selling Album on CDBaby, and his recently released second album, “Pain, Love & Destiny,” which, within its first week, hit No. 1 Pop Album, No. 1 Rock Album and made it onto the Top 10 Albums chart for October 2011. The album also cracked the Top 200 chart on iTunes. Monte has been Madonna’s live guitarist and a co-writer since 2001, has performed as the live guitarist and music director for Adam Lambert, and is a former member of Prong. He is also the No. 1 top-funded rock musician in the history of Kickstarter, having raised a staggering $65,500 from fans to finance “Pain, Love & Destiny.” In 2012, Jarrell Guitars will be releasing its own signature Monte Pittman guitar to honor the musician.


2 Responses

  1. Audrey Wilmot

    So very proud of you Monte. Your MPS signature Guitar with ur incredible mastery playing is a match made in heaven.

  2. Annie

    A great musician deserves a great guitar! This is the case with Monte Pittman!