Ka-Bloom now available on iOS Platforms

Puzzler app Ka-Bloom is now available for download at 0.99 $ (£0.69) on iPad, IPhone and iPod touch.

Discover and enjoy the first Indie produced game by Strongman Games in partnership with BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games for iOS Platforms.

Originally released as a Flash game for browsers in 2010, psychedelic  physics-based puzzle game about eating, growing and blooming has been brought for new audiences on mobile gaming platforms.

Ka-Bloom players have to chain together gems and feed the ever-hungry Floret, a flower-like creature that brings warmth and life to the cosmos.  Gain the highest possible score by touching gems and drawing chains with your finger. Collecting three stars along the way in each level, allows players to spend on upgrades to help them find the best way to make the longest gem chain and feed floret through 56 levels.


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