Killogy Issue 1 Review

Rate : 4/5

Killogy is a new horror comic series by the creator of Crawl to Me written and illustrated by Alan Robert (Life of Agony), available via IDW Publishing. The characters are based on three celebrities including Frank Vincent (The Sopranos, Goodfellas, Raging Bull), Marky Ramone formerly of The Ramones and actress Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter).

The four issue mini-series tells the story of three strangers, accused of murders reunited in a prison cell waiting to be arraigned. Outside the bars of the prison, that’s the hell full of zombies cops. The three cellmates of different personalities decide to talk. The first issue focuses on Sally ‘s story that led him to prison.

Alan Robert has created with Killogy, another hit horror series after the acclaimed Crawl to Me,  in a unique writing style which he has the secret,highlighted by a stunning artwork, both ultra-realistic and outstanding. The story is a flawless mix  of dark comedy, drama and horror that incorporates a fun amount of blood to create a thrilling crime story not to miss. Robert’ s characters are immediately recognizable. This one managed to capture their mannerisms. The dialogues and some scenes are funny ,specially when zombies ‘s heads sing. The first arc is truly promising. Just in time for Halloween.


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